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Code: CERA1627
Colour: Copper
Size: 13cm x 80mm x 21cm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

  • Copper finish ceramic Christmas tree Reindeer ornament
  • Dimension 13cm x 80mm x 21cm
  • Sold individually

    Sleek and resembling a Christmas tree in shape, this ceramic reindeer ornament will complement and enhance any holiday decor or Christmas theme. It is designed in a triangular shape with a reindeer head having protruding ears and antlers, adorning the tapering end at the top and has a glossy copper finish.

    This standing trinket is an elegant tabletop decoration for displaying on any surface around your home as a seasonal display. Let this graceful ornament bring a sense of warmth and festive cheer when placed on the wall unit, kitchen counter or work desk. It will also look great with the other festive decorations or can be combined with a variety of ornaments to create a holiday vignette on the mantel or in the foyer and can look equally good as a standalone display or attractive centrepiece! Sold individually, it comes in the dimension 13cm x 80mm x 21cm and can be shipped worldwide.