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Code: BONS2217
Colour: Cream with Gold, Red & Green
Size: 45mm x 45mm x 26cm
More: 50 Pack

  • Cream bon bons with Christmas tree & Christmas star pattern design
  • Christmas tree pattern includes gold & green stars decorated with gold & red stars & red tree base
  • Christmas star design pattern includes gold & red stars decorated with green & gold stars
  • Both style crackers include gold star pattern snowflakes & Christmas stars on cream handles
  • Bonbon contents sealed with shiny gold ribbon at twists
  • Each Christmas cracker includes a snap, gift, hat & joke
  • Individual cracker dimension 45mm x 45mm x 26cm
  • Christmas crackers are great for Christmas dinner or lunch, in December & July!
  • These crackers may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold as a pack of 50
  • May contain pieces that are not suitable for children under 3 years