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Code: PREDG122
Colour: Brown with Green & Red
Size: 10cm x 35mm x 10cm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

  • Metal bells wreath with jute ribbon & foliage with tiny red berries
  • Dimension 10cm x 35mm x 10cm
  • Sold individually

    If you work in an office with people who get joy out of decorating for the holidays, this Decorated With Jute & Foliage Metal Bells Wreath can likely be an appropriate yet holiday-inspired option for the setting. There are several areas throughout the office where hanging these decorations could be a phenomenal way to ring in the season.

    Starting with your own area, you could hang this small wreath on your wall or computer. For the general office space, you could put them over doorways, hang them on doorknobs, or attach them to a magnet and onto the refrigerator in the kitchen area. Another option is to put them on the office Christmas tree if there is one, and if there isn't, consider putting them with the artificial plants. Those who want to personalise them can hang them on paper in a row on a main wall, and in the middle of each wreath, write an employee's name so when the holiday season comes to a close, each employee can take home their respective wreath.