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Code: PREDW821
Colour: Pink with Gold on Brown
Size: 60cm x 10cm x 60cm

  • Two style pink holly leaf wreath with gold glittered berries & foliage
  • Leaf styles include pink felt with gold glitter outlines & dew-like bead covered
  • Berries coated with gold flecks & sprig foliage with gold glitter
  • Wreath circular frame made from mache like material
  • Wired petals for simple flowering
  • Gold string & closed hook for easy hanging
  • Dimension 60cm x 10cm x 60cm
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold individually

    The Two Leaf Style Pink Holly With Gold Berries Wreath demonstrates such impeccable wreath shapeliness which gives it a look of being suitable as a crown or ornament to hang decoratively on walls, front doors and even mailboxes. Crafted by skilful artisans, it is wreathed using pink coloured holly leaves with shiny clustered gold berries.

    It is not only the interiors that need a decorative touch when preparing for Christmas, the exterior environment also deserves a decorative makeover. And this Two Leaf Style Pink Holly With Gold Berries Wreath would be just that perfect wreath with which to change the ambiance of any decor setting. Featuring a wreath made of holly leaves using sheer fabric, the leaves are coloured in an attractive pastel pink plus the addition of gold coloured berries which are often in a cluster around the beautifully patterned leaves. The veins of the holly leaves are streaked in gold coloured glitter while some are even covered wholly in this sparkling glitter.