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Code: ORNM1630
Size: 18cm x 16cm x 85mm
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  • Flocked Styrofoam sleeping winter Fox with scarf
  • Features include red & white knitted scarf & bushy white tail
  • Dimension 18cm x 16cm x 85mm
  • Sold individually

    Add a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere among your Thanksgiving and holiday decorations with this adorable sleeping winter Fox which is crafted from flocked Styrofoam and features a lovely red and white knitted scarf wrapped around its neck. It is an adorable piece for the porch, or you may place it on the mantle shelf, by the fireplace or Christmas tree to bring a charming feel of the woodland to any living space.

    Curled up blissfully with its bushy white tail wrapped around like a cushion, this cute little fox will keep an eye over your gifts so that no one takes a peek before Christmas! The snow-white colour and fluffy texture allow this fox to blend in effortlessly with other winter and holiday decorations adding a sense of wildlife to your indoor or patio area. This is truly a one-of-a-kind accessory and is perfect for both animal and nature lovers.