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Code: XMACML17
Colour: Red & White
Size: 21cm x 26cm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

  • Red antlers headband with white fluff
  • One size fits most
  • Dimension 21cm x 26cm
  • Sold individually

    Feel like stocking up on Santa hats & headwear for that big Christmas bash with your friends, family and co-workers? These fluffy antlers are just the right thing you need! These fun headpieces sport two plush antlers mounted on a headband with a fluffy top. The result: whimsical attire at its very finest. The whole piece itself is 26cm tall ? high enough to stand out in the crowd but not high enough that the antlers go flip-flopping against random furniture. These antlers are actually unisex. A charmingly cute vixen in a fashionable dress or a jolly man in a Santa suit can make the most of these fluffy antlers. Even children can put them on and be as cute and adorable as they could be. Each headpiece is tagged at a low price, and we can ship to anywhere in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. We also have a lot of other attire that will go wonderfully with these fluffy antlers. Simply visit our catalogue of goods and check out what you find interesting!