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Code: DECRH564
Colour: Frosted & Iridescent
Size: 90mm x 90mm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

  • Iridescent glitter on frosted snowflake hanging ornament with silver scatter scents
  • Dimension 90mm x 90mm
  • Sold Individually

    A winter wonderland style Christmas ornament for the tree finished in iridescent white glitter. The snowflake is frosted plastic and has silver scattered scents. Featuring six points and a star shaped centre, the snowflake Christmas ornament is 90 cm wide and 90 cm long. Each point is shaped like a little angel adding to the Christmas theme this ornament is meant to portray. The hanging ornament is sold individually and can be shipped worldwide. In addition to this, the frosted, glitter, snowflake ornament has a 100% guaranteed replacement stamp and is guaranteed at a low price.