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Code: NATV7135
Colour: Multi with Green & Brown
Size: 30cm x 10cm x 20cm

  • 3D scene with wooden stable & 9 porcelain traditional figurines
  • Scene includes Jesus, Mary, Joseph, 3 x wisemen, shepherd & 2 x donkeys
  • Special features include moss look on rooftop & floor
  • Each piece is fixed in stable
  • Stable roof includes moss free patches to give authentic, rustic feel
  • Dimension 30cm x 10cm x 20cm
  • Sold as a pre-fixed 10 piece set

    30x10x19 Nativity Set

    Usher in the festive spirit of Christmas with this perfect porcelain nativity scene set!

    The birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated world over in one of the most joyful festivals. Everyone knows how and where the birth of Christ occured. What if you could bring this holy scene to life in a small porcelain set? This Full Stable Christmas Nativity Scene With Embedded Figurines is the perfect decoration to bring home this festive season. It contains 9 porcelain fugurines complete with a wooden stable. You have baby Jesus, Mother Mary and Joseph, and 3 wisemen and two donkeys- a complete recreation of the birth of Christ. Each piece is made of the highest quality porcelain that you can be assured will last a lifetime! These pieces come fixed to the wooden stable that is covered with moss-like green coverings to create a very authentic feel. Celebrate the birth of Jesus with this fully designed Nativity scene.