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Code: BONS2032
Colour: Cream & Gold with with Cream, Silver & Brown
Size: 45mm x 45mm x 25cm
More: 12 Pack

  • Gold & cream bon bons with snowflake, eccentric patterns & streaks like designs
  • One design pattern includes gold with cream stars & snowflakes & black stars
  • Other design pattern includes cream with metallic silver random like streaks
  • Third design pattern includes gold with eccentric like pattern
  • Bonbon contents sealed with rose gold ribbon at twists
  • Each Christmas cracker includes a snap, gift, hat & joke
  • Individual cracker dimension 45mm x 45mm x 25cm
  • Christmas crackers are great for Christmas dinner or lunch, in December & July!
  • These crackers may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold as a pack of 12
  • May contain pieces that are not suitable for children under 3 years

    What else do we need for décor when we can have a fantastic ornamental piece in a gleaming golden and cream colour with a variety of patterns?

    A perfect decorative ornament which is graceful for the decoration of this festive season. A perfect bon bons in gold and cream with snowflakes, unusual patterns, and streak-like designs? The single design pattern consists of gold with cream stars, snowflakes, and black stars. The other design pattern is cream with shiny silver streaks that appear randomly. The third and final design pattern is gold with an eccentric like pattern. The contents of these lovely bon bons are sealed with rose gold ribbon at twists. Each Christmas cracker contains a snap, a gift, a hat, and a joke. In December and July, these festive Christmas crackers are ideal for Christmas dinner or lunch! Surprisingly, these come in a pack of 12! Purchase it right now!