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Code: DECRH931
Colour: Gold with Silver
Size: 14cm x 14cm

This incredible elegant decoration can be used in so many ways. The gold and silver glittered and pearl monstrance-like wire snowflake is also diamond encrusted, and houses a magnificent faux diamond that would be worth a mint if it were real. Make your tree a dazzler with this item!

  • Snowflake shape
  • Gold glittered metal symmetrical snowflake hanging decoration
  • Multiple dendrites come out from the core
  • Decorated with multiple diamante feature at the centre of & around the snowflake
  • Small silver balls sit at the end of each dendrite
  • Dimension 14cm x 14cm
  • Gold string for easy hanging
  • Sold individually

    The Gold Glitter Snowflake With Encrusted Diamante Hanging Ornament is a decorative edifice with a nature themed design and an outstanding brilliance. It features an ornament made in the shape of a snowflake but then instead of white, it shrewdly uses golden colour plus the additional decorative effect of shapely diamante which gives a glamorous look.

    Did you know that snow is a natural decoration for Christmas? Snowfall during Christmas celebration is nature�s way of decorating the season. It is always spectacular when the environment is all adorned in white. This is why this Gold Glitter Snowflake With Encrusted Diamante Hanging Ornament would make a suitable Christmas decoration item. It is made in gold coloured snowflakes pattern with the end points of some of the snowflake hands ending in silver coloured spherical ornaments. It also has 8 oval shaped diamantes extending from the centre of the snowflake. Also, surrounding the centre is several, differently shaped diamante which are spherical and surround a huge diamante which sits comfortably at the centre of all the others. These encrusted shiny diamantes give the already glamorous gold coloured snowflake a look of spectacular fascination.