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Code: DECRH928
Colour: Gold
Size: 16cm x 40mm x 16cm

The very modern, art-deco inspired wired star is actually quite versatile, able to suite almost any display you're after. Use this gold star in a tree, on a table display, or hanging decoratively along a balistrade.

  • Star shape
  • Gold glittered metal wire 3D 5 point star hanging ornament
  • Dimension 16cm x 40mm x 16cm
  • Gold string for easy hanging
  • Sold individually

    The Gold Glittered 3D Wire Framed Five Point Star Hanging Decoration exhibits the decorative brilliance of star shaped ornaments. This particular hanging decoration is a five-point 3D star shaped ornament which is embellished with gold coloured glitters for the exceptional look which it displays.

    The common tradition is that every Christmas tree should have a star topper and at The Christmas Warehouse, we have a huge variety of suitable star toppers just like this gold glittering wire star frame. It is made in a sturdy design which is sure to retain its shape and frame making it reusable even for future Christmases and other festive periods. It also comes with an added option of hanging and the string with which to hang it just in case you do not intend to use it as your Christmas tree top. You can hang it on the branches of your Xmas trees, on the chandelier, stand it against a wall on your display shelf or office table or simply have it dangling in front of your car while it hangs on the rear view mirror. You could even come up with a better decorative contrivance.