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Code: PICK1833
Colour: Gold
Size: 22cm x 21cm
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  • Striking gold & gold glitter pick with clip
  • Leaves are 2 different shades of gold, with gold glitter trim & embellishments
  • Great way to decorate & add colour to your tree or display
  • Dimension 22cm x 21cm
  • Sold individually

    Decorative picks with clips, such as the Gold & Gold Glitter Poinsettia Clip On with Pick, can be used in many ways in addition to being added to a Christmas tree and used for floral arrangements. When it comes to exquisite and versatile Christmas decorations, these are at the top of the list.

    Some of the ways that you can use these stunners include incorporating them into handmade gift baskets, creating a large or small poinsettia tree, and attaching them onto stockings. You can even use them to make party favours for guests and for last minute gift ideas that you need to finish in a hurry. If you're giving someone a bottle of wine, this decorative piece would be lovely to include as the finishing touch in the wine bag. The gold colouring adds some gorgeous sparkle and another level of beauty to whatever you've already accomplished and put together.