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Code: DECRH896
Colour: Gold
Size: 95mm x 12cm

  • Laser cut gold marbled effect wooden tree hanging decoration
  • Includes smaller tree cut into decoration
  • Cut from natural wood
  • Includes gold string for easy hanging
  • Dimension 95mm x 12cm
  • Compliment your Christmas tree theme with individual hanging decorations & Christmas hanging ornaments
  • This product is hand made & may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold individually

    The Gold Natural Wood 2D Tree Hanging Decoration which is sold individually at The Christmas Warehouse is a laser cut hanging decorative item cut from 100% natural wood with a gold marbled effect. At the centre of the cut-out wood is another similarly shaped wooden cut-out. It comes with a gold string for easy hanging purposes.

    All over the globe, Evergreen trees such as the pine tree are the favourite choice of Christmas trees. They are straight, shapely, with 'evergreen' leaves and often give off good fragrance. This is why this Christmas tree motif cut-out would be a suitable item to have hanging on your Christmas tree this Xmas. This hanging décor features a gold marbled cut-out tree that has yet another pine tree cut-out within it. It is a charming decorative cut-out within another cut-out in the shape of a pine tree. It comes with a gold string that allows you to easily have it hanged on actual Christmas trees, house and office door knobs. You can even string it up and have it dangle from rear view car mirrors. The gold colour would blend right in.