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Code: GLIT1711
Colour: Gold
Size: 7mm x 7mm (each star)
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

  • Gold metallic star shaped scatter glitter confetti
  • Great for any celebration including parades and weddings
  • Sprinkle over tables or even add to balloons, invitations & gift bags for added sparkle
  • Each star is 7mm x 7mm
  • Sold as a 40g pack

    Even though this Gold Star Shaped Confetti is small, it can have big results for your Christmas tree. It can help you add some metallic touches to parts of your decorations that you already have but that need a different look just in time for the holidays.

    Starting from the top, you could add these stars to your tree topper which is a good way to revamp one that could benefit from a slight transformation. If you have garland that you like but that you want to change up, you can attach some of these stars on to it. You can also do the same with ornaments you already own, such as putting confetti on angel wings. At the bottom of the tree, you could adhere the confetti onto your tree stand or the cover, or if you have a tree skirt, you could put it there as well. The stars can help you do fun craft projects for your tree with a great outcome to follow.