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Code: OUDRS213
Colour: White with Red, Green & Blue
Size: 57cm x 15mm x 18cm with 5m lead

How's this retro blast from the past? Who had one of these as a kid? We certainly love the look, and at 57cm long you get great value too. Flashing and multi-coloured, it fun, bright, and sure to please.

  • Beautiful colours LED Sleigh & Reindeer motif
  • Light display includes 42 dual colour LED concave bulbs of green, blue & red
  • Bulb spacing 10cm
  • Silhouette casing decorated with star & tree hole cuts
  • Two loops for easy hanging
  • Dimension 57cm x 15mm x 18cm with 5m lead
  • Clear lead wire casing
  • Twinkle flash illumination only
  • Mains power operated with low voltage adapter - 3v 0.15a
  • Suitable for outdoor & indoor use
  • Outdoor use requires adapter to be secure from any effects of weather
  • Product complies with Australian safety & performance requirements
  • Sold individually

    Christmas light displays are an absolute must if you want to spread the holiday cheers around, and this sleigh & deers display is just the thing to brighten up your home or office! This bright and colourful piece depicts two rainbow-coloured reindeer pulling along a sleigh, portraying a cheerful and whimsical scene for all to witness. Add the flashing special effect pattern of the lights and you have the perfect choice for when you just want to make things feel more Christmas-y around the place. The display itself stretches out 57cm long, with a height of 18cm. The individual piece of the display are connected by electrical cord with a 5m extension cord, which in turn supplies power to 42 individual light bulbs. The set comes with a plug that plugs into a 240v outlet. We also have a lot of other holiday decor that goes well with this line of Christmas light displays. Simply browse through our catalogue and pick out whatever piece catches your eye!