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Code: XMACH178
Colour: Red with White & Green
Size: 30cm x 39cm | One Size Fits Most

  • Felt red Santa hat decorated with bells
  • Embroidered with red 'Jingle Bells' on white trim
  • Soft white pom pom at tip of hat
  • Features 3 small functioning red & green bells on front trim
  • Dimension 30cm x 39cm
  • One size fits most
  • Suitable for adults & children
  • Santa hats & reindeer antlers are perfect for any Christmas celebration
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold individually

    The Embroidered 'Jingle Bells' Felt Santa Hat With Bells measures 39 centimetres in length and ends in the traditional white pom pom. As demanded by tradition, this hat is made of red felt hat with a cone shape in which the top is a white, fluffy pom pom while the base is a fluffy white cuff with an embroidered greeting.

    Just like the instruction from Santa Claus to 'Jingle Bells', this hat actually obeys the instruction with its three colourful bells of red and green sewn into the white fluffy cuff of this Santa felt hat. The hat is made of soft, smooth felt material in a cone shape that is consistent with Santa's hat. At the top of the cone shaped hat is a fluffy pom pom in white. The base of the cone shaped hat is also a white fluffy faux fur cuff on which the instruction is embroidered in red. Close to that, at the left side are 3 bells in green and red. The remainder of the hat is coloured in red.