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Code: DISPGM37
Colour: Red & Gold
Size: 39cm x 70mm x 45cm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

Your gift will certainly not be missed in this fantastic red velvet bow! This timeless item can be used for decorative purposes or as the perfect finishing touch to that extra large gift that you cannot wait to give!

  • Large red velvet bow decoration with gold stripe
  • Dimension 39cm x 70mm x 45cm
  • Sold individually

    Bows = Christmas and this bow will make your friends or families dream come true! What a spectacular way to either finish off your gift - or put the final touch on your home decorating!

    What's a Christmas tree without a bow? And not just any bow - the Large Red Velvet Bow with Gold Stripe. This Red & Gold Delight comes at a highly affordable price and is guaranteed to be replaced in the scenario in that arrives damaged. In the meantime, use it as a decorative piece for your Royal Potted Pine Christmas tree

    Unleash your creativity as you decorate your home with these red velvet bows. Put them on the walls, doors, your wreath, around window boughs, on your tree and any where else you fancy. These bows are highly durable and as such, can be used year in, year out. If you live in a house there's a long fence, you could use this as a decorative piece by putting it at intervals on the walls. Nobody ever said that bows had to be an indoor affair, did they? They will exceed your expectations in more ways than one