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Code: ACCSAA16
Colour: Clear
Size: 15mm x 15mm x 17mm
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  • Light & decor mini clip hanging accessory with adhesive backing
  • Securely holds each bulb in place
  • Great for string lights
  • Dimension each clip 15mm x 15mm x 17mm
  • Sold as a pack of 52 clips

    Decorating can be a perplexing thing to do especially during the Christmas season. A lot of things are involved in this process and oftentimes, we tend to overlook things that are essential like mini light and decor clips. These strong and stable clips are perfect for holding light bulbs and other dainty decorations securely. Each clip clasps sturdily on different kinds of surfaces like tile, wood, paint and windowsills. The mini light and decor clip comes with adhesive backing that can be mounted and remounted without having the fear of ruining your walls. It comes off smoothly without leaving any marks, residues or stains on mounted surfaces. These clips are perfect alternatives for nails, tapes and tacks that destroy your walls making it unpleasant to the eyes and are difficult to remove. This accessory comes in 52 pieces per pack and is a great way of hanging lightweight materials without the added damage.