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Code: WRTH9932
Colour: Green with White & Brown
Size: 50cm x 12cm x 50cm

  • Mild Winter lightly heavily flocked Christmas pine wreath
  • Wreath has two styles of needles including fir & pine look
  • Includes 4 x 90mm x 60mm PVC pinecones
  • Natural look wreath has 120 green with white snow morning frost look tips
  • Dimension 50cm x 12cm x 50cm
  • Simply unpack & spruce with no assembly required
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Flocking is a process of spraying non-toxic liquid snow look material using an industrial spray booth
  • It is normal for flocked pine products to lose excess snow, especially with initial sprucing
  • Sold individually

    Get this stunning large pine wreath with pine cones for your minimalist, traditional christmas decor

    Made with beautiful two needle pines and lightly flocked, this wreath is the perfect choice for homes that go for traditional christmas decor. This pine wreath comes with 4 beautiful PVC pinecones and a fir and pine needles look. This natural looking wreath also has a morning frost look with snow white tips. It's large and made with the highest quality materia. The dimensions of 50 x 12 x 50 cms make this wreath the perfect choice for your home's main entrance. It's never been easier to decorate. Just unpack and decorate your home with this wreath as it requires no assembly. Make christmas decoration a fun activity including your kids and loved ones with hassle free decoration pieces like this lightly flocked two needle pine wreath with pine cones and 120 tips. Get this for your home today!