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Code: DECR3221
Colour: Pink
Size: 80mm
More: 4 Pack

The amazing baubles are indented on one side to house a stunning jewel. Edged with gold sequins these are truly special baubles.

  • Sphere Shape
  • Matte pink infinitely improbable baubles with large sequins & frost stripe
  • One side of each bauble has hollowed out conical shape of sequins & frost bits with diamante centre
  • Each ' heart of gold ' bauble includes gold cap
  • Dimension 80mm
  • Sold as a pack of 4

    It is impossible for family, friends, neighbours and loved ones to set eyes on any Christmas tree decorated using this alluring Matte Pink Baubles With Concave Side, Sequins & Frost Look Stripe and not complement you on your decorative prowess! This is because this Christmas ornament was cleverly crafted with such rare bauble flourish for a fun filled Christmas experience this year.

    The Matte Pink Baubles With Concave Side, Sequins & Frost Look Stripe portrays an alluring bauble crafted with uncanny skilfulness in order to produce enhanced ornamental effect during Christmas celebrations. This it does through its use of colours, shapes, frost and sequins. The wholly spherical bauble with matte pink hue has horizontally enveloping frosted stripe laced with gold sequins and which ends at a concave shaped side also containing more frost and gold coloured sequins. The combined look is that of polished refinement and alluring appeal. Place your order right now while it is still in stock.