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Code: XMACCL22
Colour: Red & Green
Size: 45cm x 13cm (minimum space required)

  • Removable self-adhesive static cling
  • Includes 'Merry Christmas' letters with holly leaves & berries
  • Letters alternate red & green with green holly & red berries
  • Each letter, holly, berry & exclamation point can be individually moved
  • Dimension 45cm x 13cm (minimum space required)
  • Clings to windows, glass, mirrors & any non-porous smooth surface
  • Static window cling decorations can be used at home, school, workplace or even your car!
  • Easy to remove with no lingering residue
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold as a set of 14 x letters, 11 x leaves, 5 x berries & exclamation point

    You've decorated your Christmas tree, put some decorations outside your home, but what about your windows? These Merry Christmas With Holly Leaves & Berries Window Cling Decorations can help you get the job done.

    These self-adhesive letters and exclamation point spell out "Merry Christmas!" allowing you to offer a happy greeting to anyone who passes your home. Matching green holly leaves and red berries window clings are also included so you can put them with the greeting or on their own on a separate window. If you would rather not put these clings on windows, you can display them in other areas as well, such as along the top of a bedroom mirror or going along the bottom of a bathroom mirror. You can also put them on the glass to the front door so it's one of the first things you see after a long, hard day. The clings are easy to use, fun to display, and ideal for the holidays.