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Code: XM204895
Colour: Red with Green & White
Size: 64cm x 82cm

  • Red polyester apron with 'merry christmas' & stars white print
  • Includes green border & straps
  • One size fits most
  • Dimension 64cm x 82cm
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold individually

    Though it can be tasking and sometimes exhaustive, one of the joys and thrills of Christmas is that we get to cook several delicacies while family, friends, and loved ones gather round the table exchanging laughter and memories. How memorable those times are! But there is one thing that can ruin the appetite of your guests - a shabby look and/or apron when serving the food. This XMAS APRON MERRY CHRISTMAS saves the day!

    Many of us often forget to include The Power House - kitchen, when planning our Christmas decoration budget. Well, even if you had forgotten, we still got your back as this XMAS APRON MERRY CHRISTMAS is available at such pocket friendly price that will not pinch your budget. This adorable apron serves two principal purpose, as part of Christmas costume/decoration and as a functional apron. Put on this apron while you are busy preparing those Christmas delicacies and look the part of blending in with the Christmas decor. The apron is functional in helping avoid stains and splashes that could ruin your dress. With its red and green colouration, it blends in perfectly with the decor while the red hides stains and grease. Plus, it has a festive greeting of 'merry Christmas'!