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Code: XMACH162
Colour: Gold
Size: 38cm x 30cm x 38cm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

  • Bright metallic gold pleated Santa hat
  • Santa hat has white fleece trim & metallic gold embroidered 'Merry'
  • Size is medium
  • 38cm x 30cm x 38cm in dimension
  • Sold individually

    With the word "Merry" embroidered in gold, complete with fluffy white trim, bright metallic gold hue and a cottony pom-pom on the top, this gold pleated Santa hat will bring that extra festive charm to any Christmas celebration. This shimmering hat will bring smiles to anyone who sees it especially those who see this on someone's head!

    Wearing this medium-sized Santa hat will instantly put you in the celebratory mood and one can wear it on Christmas, at an office holiday party or anywhere you want to spread some fun-filled Christmas cheer! A pack of these hats can be used for a variety of centrepieces and decorations or can be utilized as playful party favours. These will also make wonderful gift bags by simply flipping them upside-down to fill with knickknacks, candies and special treats. Its plain surface leaves room for all kinds of decorating creativity so get to personalizing, embellishing and painting!