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Code: DECR2023
Colour: Red & Green
Size: 80mm
More: 4 Pack

  • Sphere shape
  • 2 x metallic green with red glitter stripes & 2 x matt red with green glitter stripes
  • Dimension 80mm
  • Sold as a pack of 4

    If your teen has been begging you for their own Christmas tree to have in their room, and you've agreed to let them have one this year, these Metallic Green With Red Glitter Trim & Matte Red With Green Glitter Stripes Baubles can be great options to give to start them out with their very own Christmas ornament collection.

    Ideal for those of many ages, these green and red baubles could match with several other types of Christmas decor that they're likely going to accumulate over the years, and the classic style of these ornaments can continue their stylish look for many future holidays. There are four of the baubles to a set, so your child can choose to either build their collection with ornaments of the same type or opt for any other kinds that appeal to them. With your beautiful gift, they'll be thinking of you and all the holidays you spend together every time they put these ornaments on their tree.