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Code: DECRB753
Colour: Red with Gold
Size: 80mm
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  • Sphere shape
  • 2 x snowflake & 2 x star gold glittered patterned metallic red baubles
  • Dimension 80mm
  • Sold as a pack of 4

    Don't you just love cool and vibrant colors in your home? Especially now that Christmas is just a few winks away, you better start thinking about what your holiday decorations should be. Now, if you are into colors that would make any plain home look alive, then these Baubles in red and gold should do the trick. Each bauble is 80mm in size, which is big enough to highlight your overall Christmas theme, and at the same time, small enough so as not to crowd your tree. Aside from its ideal size and shape, you can also count on these baubles to give your tree a boost of colors. The snowflake and glittered patterns mimic the themes of winter. You can also opt out from using your old Christmas tree, because you can also use these Metallic Red Baubles With Gold Glittered Patterns - 4 x 80mm to decorate your walls and even the sides of your chimney or doors. String them together and you will have an instant Christmas garland for your home!