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Code: DECRH636
Colour: Red, Silver, White & Green
Size: 50mm x 90mm

  • Metallic red, silver & white Santa hanging decoration with green tree
  • Dimension 50mm x 90mm
  • Sold as a pack of 4

    This set of four metallic red, silver & white Santa hanging decorations is a must-have Christmas and winter accessory that is certain to accentuate the comforting, homey nature that one would aspire to accomplish especially during the holiday season. Dress up the Xmas tree with this unique and playful adornment or add it to the showcased pine swag on your mantel.

    This aesthetically-crafted set feature each Santa in a white fur-trimmed traditional red suit wearing silver gloves and boots, with a bright green Christmas tree topped with a silver star in the right hand and a silver candy cane in the left. You can even join with a wreath or combine with additional bright ornaments, faux snow, firs and tinsel to create a lovely wintry display and add around some woodland animals, snowmen and children figurines to complete the look. Use them as personalized placeholders as well in winter weddings and other events!