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Code: STCK2019
Colour: Natural with Red
Size: 23cm x 42cm

  • Natural soft woven hessian Santa sock
  • Decorated with red glitter radiating dendrite snowflakes print
  • Red velvet cuff
  • Christmas sock includes red velvet loop for easy hanging
  • Dimension 23cm x 42cm
  • Santa stockings are great for all of those little stocking fillers & can be hung from your Christmas tree, mantle or if you are very lucky, at the base of your chimney!
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold individually

    Why not introduce an outstanding ornament to your Christmas decorations by simply buying any of our inexpensive but highly decorative Christmas stocking? A good one for your consideration is this Natural Burlap With Glittered Snowflakes Pattern & Velvet Cuff Stocking which is made from the fibre of natural plants.

    The Natural Burlap With Glittered Snowflakes Pattern & Velvet Cuff Stocking utilizes nature to make and decorate nature. Since burlap materials are natural materials woven from the fibres of either sisal or jute plants, it is the same with this burlap stocking made of natural fibre showcasing a phenomena of nature - snowflakes, which is covered in red glitters and promotes such elegant decorative outlook. As part of its design, this stocking also has soft velvet made cuff coloured in red which complements and blends in with Christmas decorations of red. To this red cuff is attached a loop with which this stocking can be hanged anywhere in the house for maximum decorative effect.