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Code: DECRH923
Colour: Natural with White & red
Size: 10cm x 20mm x 12cm

  • Christmas tree shape hanging ornament
  • Wooden layered Christmas tree with peg clip
  • Wooden peg holder is hidden behind smaller white tree
  • Great for attaching the kids Christmas art to your tree
  • Decorated with fabric bow at top of tree
  • Cut from natural wood
  • Dimension 10cm x 20mm x 12cm
  • Natural twine string for easy hanging
  • Compliment your Christmas tree theme with individual hanging decorations & Christmas hanging ornaments
  • This product is hand made & may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold individually

    Imagine decorating your Christmas tree with yet another Christmas tree. Sounds strange? Well, it is actually inventive and visually appealing. Using the Natural & White Wood Christmas Tree With Peg Clip Hanging Decoration to decorate your Christmas tree, you can achieve this distinctly appealing decorative look.

    The Natural & White Wood Christmas Tree With Peg Clip Hanging Decoration features two laser cut ornamental wood. This laser cut wood is hewed from natural organic wood after which it passes through several preparatory processes such as being shaped in the form of a Christmas tree before the smoothening of the surfaces and edges. At the centre of this cut wood is yet another laser cut Xmas tree pattern which means both the outer and inner edges are shaped like a Christmas tree. Isn't that amazing? The top surface of the cut wood is then decorated using twine knotted like a bowtie while a twine rope is attached to it for easy hanging option. From wood to twine, everything is made natural and allowed to retain its natural colour of wood. Wouldn't you then like to try decorating your Xmas tree with this all-natural ornament? Simply click the link and order yours.