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Code: ORNMNT41
Colour: Natural & Brown with Red & Green
Size: 35cm x 70mm x 35cm

Natural Christmas decorations are gaining in popularity. This stunning piece includes real pine cones or various sizes, small pieces of aged wood, red-washed wooden stars, and some artificial foliage to bring it all together. Fumigated in Sydney to meet strict Australian biosecurity standards, you can shop with not only is the a beautiful item, but it won't hard your environment.

  • Alluring natural themed pinecone Christmas wreath
  • Over 6 styles of pine cones
  • Includes natural wood chunks, red wood stars, red berries, greenery & functioning brown bells
  • Dimension 35cm x 70mm x 35cm
  • Add nature to your indoor Christmas display with natural decorations that give an organic, rural feel
  • All products made from organic materials comply with Australian biosecurity requirements
  • Pine cones are natural & vary in size
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold individually

    You cannot place an actual Christmas tree on a table top, but you certainly can place this Pink Conical Shape Tabletop Christmas Tree on any table in as much as such a table has a flat surface. This Christmas ornament is particularly suitable for decorative use in places where space is a luxury that one cannot afford. It is also suitable for decorative use in places where the debris of organic Christmas trees cannot be tolerated or welcomed. Such includes stores and shops with cramped space in which an organic Christmas tree cannot fit into. Or other such corporate establishments where the extravagance of organic Christmas trees are not welcomed. Even in the home, it would be perfect for decorating the bedroom dresser table while the kids room can also enjoy a bit of decorative Christmas tree effect.

    Bring in the beauty of natural forest environment into your home, shop, store, office and environs when you decorate these places with this charming Natural Forest Wreath Decoration With Various Pine Cones, Stars, Wood Chunks, Berries & Bells. It is a forest focused floral wreath wreathed using forest obtainable items except for the included bells.