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Code: PREDF117
Colour: Green with Red & Gold
Size: 38cm x 12cm x 38cm
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  • Pine wreath with red, green & gold baubles, gold glitter twigs &, gold & cream ribbon
  • Simply unpack & spruce
  • Dimension 38cm x 12cm x 38cm
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold individually

    Next to the Christmas tree, the wreath is one of the most popular Christmas items to have around the home during the holidays. Wreaths comprised of natural materials date all the way back to ancient Rome and Greece and it's no surprised they've stayed around so long. Today, wreaths are typically made from evergreen twigs as they're known to stand up to harsh weather. This Pre-Decorated Wreath, although made from faux materials, still has all the charm and strength of the real deal. It consists of green branches formed into a wreath and decorated with gold glitter twigs, elegant gold and cream ribbon and red, green and gold round ornaments of various sizes and finishes. At 38cm, it will hang beautifully on your front door, above your mantel or above a door frame. Considering the wreath comes already decorated for you, all you have to do is unpack it and hang it wherever you need a burst of Christmas beauty.