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Code: DECR2024
Colour: Red & Green Glitter
Size: 60mm (each pine cone)

  • Downward facing pine cones
  • 6 x red glitter & 6 x green glitter
  • Dimension 60mm
  • Sold as a pack of 12

    Create razzle-dazzle with our Glitter pine cones that are specially made for the festive season and ensure all your decorations bedazzle without any hassle! Each order comes with a pack of 12 pine cones including six red glitter ones and six green glitter ones that are a good quantity for all your tree decorating and crafting needs.

    Each of these glitzy ornaments is 60mm in dimension with a bright green hanging string attached and you may use these provided strings, or replace them with any fun material as per your liking. Hanging them on a Christmas tree is only one of the many things you can do with these attractive pine cones. You can combine them together or with regular pine cones alongside lovely spherical ornaments to make a wonderful hanging decoration for anywhere in your home or even attach them to wreaths. The bright red and green glittered colours of these downward facing pine cones along with their shimmering appearance makes them perfect for any type of decor.