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Code: TABLR159
Colour: Red & Natural
Size: 1.4m x 42cm

  • Simple, yet modern red hessian fabric table runner with natural fabric border
  • White snowflake & Merry Christmas embroidered on & red tassel
  • Dimension 1.4m x 42cm
  • Add festive colours to your Christmas dinner with a Christmas table runner
  • Table runners can create seasonal cheer to any hall or coffee table
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold individually

    Beautiful Table Runner

    A versatile table runner, like this Red Hessian Table Runner With Nude Fabric Border & Red Tassel, can serve you well during the holidays. You could move it from one spot to the other, or use multiples of the same kind and they could look great wherever you put them.

    You can put it on many types of furniture, but this table runner isn't just for displaying some holiday beauty, serving as the start of a display, and adding colour to a rather dark area. It could also help to cover up scratches and discolorations, allow guests to put glassware on it instead of on the table's surface, and can help catch any spills or splashes. The style of this runner can work well with almost any colour scheme and can help you make the most of family and friends gathering for the holidays and making wonderful memories over fantastic food.