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Code: DECRH894
Colour: Red
Size: 85mm x 10cm

  • Laser cut red wooden tree hanging decoration
  • Includes smaller star cut decoration
  • Cut from natural wood
  • Includes red string for easy hanging
  • Dimension 85mm x 10cm
  • Sold individually

    The Red Natural Wood 2D Tree With Star Hanging Decoration is a chic hanging decoration that would infuse your home and office with the soothing ambiance of its rich red colour. This hanging ornament is made from 100% natural wood which is light and easy to hang for Christmas decorative purposes.

    Using state-of-the-art laser cutting technology, this wooden ornament is cut from natural wood with such accuracy and precision. Hence, it has such 2D shapeliness which is fashioned in the image of a Christmas tree made from any of the Evergreen trees. It has such smooth surface and edges which ensures that shards of wood do not prick your delicate palms. It also has two star-shaped laser cuts on it with a punctured hole towards the top of the ornament in which a red string is inserted for easy hanging. It can be used to decorate Christmas trees and other parts of the house.