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Code: TABLR160
Colour: Red & Gold
Size: 1.4m x 42cm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

  • Vibrant red satin table runner
  • Thin gold woven strip design in the centre & red tassels on the ends
  • Dimension 1.4m x 42cm
  • Sold individually

    There are many reasons to use a table runner during the holiday season, but when it comes to this Red Table Runner With Thin Gold Line Design & Red Tassel, its beauty is more than enough reason to use it as part of your decor. The red and gold colouring is a great way to get ready for the season and all the wonderful celebrations that come with it.

    This table runner serves as the perfect base for a holiday dinner, a random get together with friends, a weekend brunch, a cookie swap party, or even just to keep out on a daily basis. It's beautiful enough as it is, but you can also top it off with a store-bought or handmade centrepiece that complements the red and gold colours perfectly. One or more poinsettia plants set on top of the runner can also serve as a way to create a gorgeous setting.