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Code: BONS1919
Colour: White with Red & Green
Size: 40cm x 60mm
More: 6 Pack

  • Decorated Christmas Tree & wreath with heart on white & red design with gold mesh ribbon
  • Includes white dots & Christmas Wishes inscribed on handles
  • Each Christmas cracker includes a snap, joke, party hat & gift
  • Individual cracker dimension 40cm x 60mm
  • Sold as a pack of 6
  • May contain pieces that are not suitable for children under 3 years

    Order your very own Red & White With Christmas Tree & With Wreath Bon Bons today from Australia's largest Christmas shop. Each pack you order for contains 6 individual crackers packed with fun and goodies. This means that for such an awesome low price, each and everyone gets to have crackers with a snap, a gift, a joke and a coloured party hat.

    There are two sets of differently patterned crackers in every pack you order. The first is a cracker with a rich red background, white handle and has white dots. The second type of differently patterned cracker has an immaculate white background on which is an ornate pattern of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree and an equally decorated wreath. In all, this bon bons would make an ideal Christmas gift item to give to friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and even share with acquaintances. You don't have to even say "Merry Christmas", it is already written on the Bon Bons for you! To ensure you do not miss out on it, order yours now while it is still in stock. We have a delivery system through which we can have it delivered to your door.