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Code: DECRH914
Colour: Red
Size: 10cm x 10cm

An 8-point star is cut out from the centre of this wooden decoration with great effect. Red stained wood with red glitter bordering the star, this is a great piece for your natural tree.

  • Laser cut natural look red wooden star of Bethlehem medallion hanging ornament
  • Includes red glittered star outline
  • Cut from natural wood
  • Dimension 10cm x 10cm
  • Gold string for easy hanging
  • Compliment your Christmas tree theme with individual hanging decorations & Christmas hanging ornaments
  • This product is hand made & may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold individually

    Stars are important motifs in Christmas celebrations. This is because they are symbolic of and closely related to the personality of Christ, since he is often called the 'Bright and Morning Star'. Therefore, this Red Wood Star Of Bethlehem Silhouette Medallion Hanging Decoration would be a perfect hanging medallion with which to recount the story of the birth and person of Christ.

    The Red Wood Star Of Bethlehem Silhouette Medallion Hanging Decoration is depictive of the bright star that appeared in the sky on the day that Jesus was born in a manger in Bethlehem. That bright star which appeared led the Three Wise Men to his birthplace. This ornamental red star features a laser cut 100% natural red wood in a spherical shape and has yet another shapely star cut right into the midst of it. This 8 point star is covered in sparkling red glitters with the interior painted a regal purple colour. It has a gold chain string and as can be seen in the sample picture, it looks stunning when used in decorating Christmas trees. Click that link and place your order now!