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Code: DECR6132
Colour: Rose Gold
Size: 80mm
More: 4 Pack

  • Sphere shape
  • Rose gold crackle textured
  • Dimension 80mm
  • Sold as a pack of 4

    It's amazing how a single ornament may not initially seem like it will make a huge overall difference in the look of your Christmas tree, but when you're using ones like these Rose Gold Crackle Textured Baubles, each helps to transform the tree into a final breathtaking beauty.

    These round rose gold ornaments feature an intriguing crackle design that's likely to be unlike many others you're going to have on your tree. They make it easy to add some elegance to your tree with little effort, and they can complement a multitude of other ornaments. There are four to a set, so you can either display them on your own tree, give them as a housewarming gift or as a hostess gift for the holidays, or you could just share their beauty by giving them to someone who loves magnificent items in general. Considering their look, these are worth sharing with those you adore.