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Code: XMACG168
Colour: Blue
Size: Suit Size women 4 - 7 & men 6 - 9
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

Bring the fun and games home with this cheeky looking elf! The elf is dressed in red with white collar and gloves - finished with a festive red hat with white trim. Great multi purpose item for use in decorating your home or for various games! This this elf is right at home on a shelf.

  • Trendy Santa with his reindeers & sled socks
  • Socks are blue decorated with white snow specks
  • Suit women 4 - 7 foot size
  • Suit men 6 - 9 foot size
  • Dimension 36cm total (including 20cm foot & 16cm ankle)
  • Sold as a pair

    We all know how much fun it can be to play with elves, so why not try this one in all the ways you can think of! Delight the kids as you wrack your brain for a new shelf for this elf everyday.

    The Santa & Reindeers Christmas Socks which is sold in pairs features a blue socks with the traditional colourful image of Santa Claus riding his famous reindeer driven sled. Santa is clothed in his usual red cloak with white trims and dons a similarly coloured Christmas hat while wearing red gloves. He is pictured smiling cheerfully as he rides among the stars while white dots create the image of bright shining stars on a deep-blue moonless sky.

    With winter comes Christmas. And with winter comes that chilly, cold atmosphere brought about by the decrease in temperature and white snowfalls. In such a temperature, our feet require warmth as they can be very sensitive to drops in temperature. One of the best cosy ways to keep it warm and stylish is by wearing this colourful Santa & Reindeers Christmas Socks. Do you intend to sit indoor and enjoy the Christmas break indoor all day? Simply put on the socks and stay in bed while seeing watching television and sipping a cup of your favourite coffee, tea or other such drinks. It is made in a size that would fit both genders as it measures 20 centimetres in foot and a 16 centimetre long ankle size. It would suit women who wear socks of size 4-7 and men who wear socks of size 6-9.