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Code: DECRH815
Colour: Silver
Size: 90mm x 12cm x 90mm
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  • Silver Bird plastic hanging ornament
  • Dimension 12cm x 20mm x 11cm
  • Sold individually

    Let's get in the mood of the peace that Christmas brings. With the Silver Bird Hanging Ornament, we're a step closer to the Nirvana that the message of Christmas is all about. This ornament would serve as a great complement to the Pre-lit Aspen Christmas Tree.

    The Silver Bird Hanging Ornament is best enjoyed in sets of at least 4, hanging from your Christmas tree or other hinge, while the breeze tilts them from them side to side, like real life birds flying from branch to branch. They are easy to use. You simply clip them onto your desired location using the clop on the back of each one. You could also use it to fill up a transparent vase, alongside other ornaments to create a classic, beautiful centerpiece. Each bird is approximately 9cm, with a silver glitter design, made of the best quality.