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Code: DECR5142
Colour: Silver
Size: 80mm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

Bring texture to your Christmas tree with these intricate silver baubles. Featuring a lovely mix of silver glitter and clear lined trimming - these baubles will suit most decorative themes

  • Sphere shape
  • 4 x silver glitter baubles with clear lined trim design
  • Dimension 80mm
  • Sold as a pack of 4

    These silver baubles will be the highlight of your tree! Featuring an intricate balance of silver glitter and clear embellishments - these baubles are simple but oh so special.

    Easy to use, glitzy, and an excellent way to get that Christmas cheer started, our Silver glitter baubles are just the thing you need this holiday season! These sparkling spherical ornaments with clear lined trim design at the top and bottom are entirely coated with vibrant silver glitter and are 80mm in dimension.

    They are sold as a pack of four and come with thin silver hanging strings made to loop through their aesthetically embossed silver metal caps. The pearlescent and metallic finishes will bring a nostalgic feeling to your home and though they have the luxe look, they are break-resistant and sure to last many holiday seasons. Dress up your Xmas tree with these shimmering trinkets along with some silver metallic garland or icicles and your tree will look so pretty, you will not want to take it down! This product makes for a perfect gift item for Christmas or even weddings as it ships worldwide.