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Code: BONS1922
Colour: Silver with White
Size: 37cm x 12cm
More: 10 Pack

  • Silver glittered & silver with white stars design with silver mesh ribbon
  • Each cracker includes a snap, joke, party hat & gift
  • Individual cracker dimension 37cm x 12cm
  • Sold as a pack of 10
  • May contain pieces that are not suitable for children under 3 years

    Embedded inside are a pink coloured party hat, a joke, a gift and comes with a snap. On the exterior is a silver ribbon holding tightly six individual crackers with glittering body. On the ornately patterned body are stars which are symbolic of the wise men. Sold as 10 crackers in a pack, there is enough to go round the family as you celebrate this coming Christmas.

    Did you know that there are rumours that even the Queen of England had been seen wearing her own paper hat on Christmas day? This shows the extent of influence which bon bons have. It would look good when each and every one of your family members and/or guests puts on their colourful paper hat while having lunch or dinner. This particular cracker is such an elegant one with its choice of silver colour which is a colour often associated with wealth and opulence. Included in this bon bons are a snap, joke, gift and party hat. It is a fast selling item, so order now while it is still in stock.