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Code: DECR5144
Colour: Silver
Size: 60mm
More: 9 Pack
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

Plain, colour-blocked baubles are as important as the intricate, fancy ones! They balance out your tree nicely and create fantastic highlighting opportunities or can be used for a full, baubles filled impact!

  • Sphere shape
  • 5 x matte silver with glitter swirl pattern & 4 x glittered silver baubles
  • Dimension 60mm
  • Sold as a pack of 9

    Use this fantastic silver bauble set to start your tree decoration collection - or use them to fill gaps and add some shine to your existing theme!

    These glittering set of baubles are made especially for our customers to bring a festive sparkle and wintry feel to the Christmas tree or any other display that they adorn. Each pack has a good quantity of nine sphere shaped baubles, five of them being matte silver in colour with silver glitter swirls and four being covered in sparkling silver glitter with a dimension of 60mm.

    Their shimmering silver colour accentuated with glitter swirl designs give a sophisticated touch of seasonal festivity to your decor and make you want to embrace the holiday spirit this Christmas with both your arms! You may even mix these with other decorative items to create a unique bowl display or centrepiece that is sure to grab your guest's attention or give a new twist to your gift wrapping this year by tying one or two to your gift packages and party favour bags. This product ships worldwide.