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Code: ACCSAA26
Colour: Silver
Size: 50 x 30mm & 50 x 60mm
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  • Silver wire ornament hanger
  • Reusable & easy to bend into required shape
  • Suitable for hanging ornaments on your Christmas tree
  • 50 x 30mm & 50 x 60mm
  • Sold as a pack of 100

    As wonderful as the experience of putting ornaments on the Christmas tree can be, sometimes it can also be incredibly frustrating. This 100 pack of Silver Wire Ornament & Decoration Hangers can help you with your hassle.

    There are times when the ornament is missing a hook, it won't hang in the right spot, or the attached string is too short so the bauble isn't sitting where you want it to. All you have to do is put one or more of these hangers in place and your hanging process can become a lot easier. As the hangers are silver in colour, it's easy for them to blend in with the ornaments and other decor on your Christmas tree without taking away from the overall look. With so many in each pack, you have plenty for every ornament that you're going to put up and may even have some extras left over.