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Code: LITEFR92
Colour: Blue & White with Clear Wire Casing
Size: 3.1m x 3.2m
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

  • 1280 blue & cool white LED bulb curtain light
  • 20 strands with 64 bulbs per strand
  • 9 digital sequences including flashing & waving
  • Clear wire casing
  • Dimension 3.1m x 3.2m (strand length) with 5m lead
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Mains operated
  • Product complies with Australian safety & performance requirements
  • Sold individually

    Curtain lights can create some of the most impressive lighted displays you've ever seen. They work as a backdrop for all your lighted and animated figures, or alone to give the impression of a waterfall or starry sky. You'll be impressed by all the ways you can use them!

    ? Our Synchronized Blue and White LED Curtain Lights have white wire casing that is virtually invisible when lights are lit.

    ? Lights extend a full 10 feet x 10 1/2 feet so they make the perfect setting for high hedges, double doors, walls, and other large areas.

    If you're thinking of adding only one new lighted ornament to your collection this year, consider our curtain lights! Display our Ice-Look Reindeer in front of them and hang several of our stars and star chains for a truly magical presentation that will be the envy of all your neighbors. Curtain lights are also great for school plays and other stage productions.

    This Blue & Cool White LED Curtain Light makes it easier than ever before to instantly create a mood of romance and elegance in minutes for Christmas, parties, anniversaries or just about any special event or celebration. Simply hang them up and let this curtain of twinkling lights drop down for a deep blue and white backdrop that shimmers and shines in any indoor or outdoor space.

    With 9 different digital and synchronised lighting effects, this Blue & Cool White LED Curtain Light can be used to decorate your home or venue in many stunning ways. Easily mount it up on a wall as a dazzling event backdrop or glittering photo booth, drop it down over doorways or archways to enhance the sophisticated and romantic ambience of indoor areas with a deep blue glow or put it up at patios or gazebos to add a graceful veil of blue to any outdoor space.