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Code: TINV2838
Colour: Silver & Transparent
Size: 2.7m x 12cm x 6ply
More: 2.7m
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  • Thick Silver metallic tinsel garland with thin transparent needles & white dots
  • Dimension 2.7m x 12cm x 6ply
  • Sold individually

    Christmas trees are undoubtedly beautiful, but it's the decor, like this Thick Metallic Silver & Thin Transparent Tinsel Garland, that makes them something truly special. This is not your standard tinsel garland, but rather it has a little extra magic to it with the perfect mix of transparent, white, and silver. It's not just gorgeous to look at, but it's also beneficial to use in a variety of ways.

    It's ideal for your Christmas tree, of course, but it's so beautiful that you're going to want to find other ways to incorporate it into your decor throughout the rest of your home, such as by tying each garland in a bow around each of your dining chairs. You can even add some extra flair to wrapped Christmas gifts by using it as an alternative to ribbon. Thanks to its colour scheme, this tinsel garland can complement many different ornaments and other decorations.