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Code: RIBN1713
Colour: Tiffany Blue & Silver
Size: 3m x 65mm

  • Silver edged on Tiffany blue ribbon with silver filigree pattern
  • Dimension 3m x 65mm
  • Sold individually

    If you're going to go up and down your staircase several times a day, you may as well have it look beautiful for winter so you can enjoy the views while you're going from one floor to the next. You can use this Tiffany Blue & Silver Filigree Design Ribbon to make it look winter-ready in time for the season.

    The easiest option is to continuously wrap the ribbon around each handrail from one post up to the second one, tie it at both ends, and you're all finished. To make it even more decorative, you could tie glittered snowflake ornaments to the ribbon so they hang down underneath each handrail. If you have a tradition of putting pine garland on the handrail, you could wrap the ribbon around the garland from one end to the next, then hang the garland up as you usually would. Another simple method is to use the ribbon to create extra large beautiful blue bows for each post while you leave the handrail bare. Whatever option you choose, your staircase could look wonderful for winter.