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Code: SANTPP94
Colour: Gold, Ivory & White
Size: 26cm x 16cm x 26cm

  • Traditional look Saint Nicholas Christmas decorative ornament
  • Wizard look Santa wears a traditional robe & hat in ivory & white
  • Under layer, staff & gift Saint Nick holds are gold in colour
  • Gift is gold glittered & staff has gold flower & thin beaded embellishment
  • Can be used as a tree topper or decorative display Christmas ornament
  • Dimension 26cm x 16cm x 26cm
  • Create a true indoor Christmas display with Santa & Reindeer Christmas ornaments
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold individually

    There's nothing like getting the Christmas tree completely decorated, looking at the incredible job you did, then putting on the tree topper as the final touch to the entire project. It's undoubtedly one of the best feelings of the season. If you'd rather not use a star-shaped tree topper this year and you're looking to change things up, this Traditional Father Christmas Tree Topper can be a perfect alternative.

    This exquisite tribute to Father Christmas features ivory, gold, and white colours that will work well with any decor you put on the Christmas tree but can especially complement ornaments and lights that are similar in colour. You'll love how elegant and charming this figure looks and how it can also be used for centrepieces and other displays. It's going to be a beautiful part of your holiday celebrations and one that you'll want to make part of your Christmas every year.