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Code: ORNMF117
Colour: Various
Size: 45mm x 45mm x 14cm (tree)

An exciting set to enhance your village display, this one features trees, Santa, and families preparing for Christmas in the snow. Hand painted and ready to use.

  • 6 Piece tree & figurine set
  • Set includes 4 x figurine sets & 2 x green trees with white snow tips
  • Figurine sets include: girl & boy with tree in cart, family of 4 with tree, man with son posting Xmas wishlist & Santa with children & gifts
  • Dimension 45mm x 45mm x 14cm (tree)
  • Sold as a set of 6

    When you place your order today, you get the Traditional Getting Ready For A Winter Christmas Figurine Set with 6 pieces of figurines in each set. Each piece is a resin made Christmas decorating ornament that can be placed on any flat surface around the home or office for the perfect ornamental purpose. Plus, its ornamental use extends beyond just Christmas; you can use it for every other day decoration.

    There are adorable Christmas ornaments that doesn�t consume much display space or attract expensive price tags, yet, they are capable of giving your home and office such appealing Christmas festive ambiance. This Traditional Getting Ready For A Winter Christmas Figurine Set is a perfect example of such. The first piece in this set features a father supervising his son while cleaning in preparation for Christmas. The second figurine features a boy and girl pushing a cart containing a cut Christmas tree. The third is a figurine of Santa giving gifts to kids. While the fourth is a family of four walking home while the father carries a Christmas tree on his right shoulder. The fifth and sixth piece is a figurine of individual Christmas trees with a frosted look.