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Code: LITEUB01
Colour: Black
Size: 5w 5v USB 2.0

  • Electrical transformer power source with USB connection
  • All USB power sources, lights & accessories are sold separately
  • USB IP20 transformer with maximum power output: 5v 5w
  • Powers any Christmas Warehouse USB lights with 1 to 1000 bulbs
  • Suitable for use with Christmas Warehouse USB products only
  • For safe use, check that the maximum power output is sufficient for your requirements
  • Suitable for use with indoor or outdoor lights
  • Product complies with Australian safety & performance requirements
  • Sold as a transformer only, lights sold separately

    The USB 2.0 Mains Adapter Power Source is an adapter that was specifically designed to be compatible with USB Christmas lights. This product features components such as the main adapter that would be plugged into the main power source (an electrical socket) and comes with a USB cable which would allow you to plug in your USB Christmas lights easily.

    Quite a good number of Christmas lights are manufactured to be a USB compatible fixture. It is impossible to plug such decorative lighting systems directly into electrical outlets but require special adapters such as this functional USB 2.0 Mains Adapter Power Source. This USB adapter can be used both indoor and outdoor and contains an IP20 transformer. It utilizes just 5 watts of electricity; hence, you don't have to worry about paying exorbitant electricity bills in order to use this gadget. You can be rest assured that this product conforms to Australian safety standards. Please note that USB lights are not included in your order, lights are sold separately.