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Code: LITEUB03
Colour: Black
Size: Panel 95mm x 95mm x 25mm with 30cm lead

  • Weatherproof IP44 solar power source with USB connection
  • All USB power sources, lights & accessories are sold separately
  • Maximum power output: 3.7v 0.3w
  • Powers any Christmas Warehouse USB lights with 1 to 800 bulbs
  • Suitable for use with Christmas Warehouse USB products only
  • For safe use, check that the maximum power output is sufficient for your requirements
  • Panel dimension 95mm x 95mm x 25mm with 30cm lead
  • Suitable for use with indoor or outdoor lights
  • Not recommended for use in recharging mobile phones
  • Sold as solar adapter only, lights sold separately

    The USB 2.0 Solar Panel Power Source has a functional design as a Christmas lights accessory which is meant to guarantee that your house Christmas lights never run out of power. It is a solar powered source made of top-rate materials and painted in an elegant jet-black colour and a weather proof design for both indoor and outdoor usage.

    This Universal Serial Bus (USB) compatible power source has the ability to power 800 LED sets. Its component includes a solar panel and a 30 centimetres long lead all of which acts as a solar adapter only. This means that to enjoy the maximum benefit of this handy power source, you should order for the lights which are sold separately. Also, please note that it is USB compatible only and is not designed or recommended for use in charging mobile phones and other such devices. This ingenious gadget would come in handy in ensuring that you do not have to pay exorbitant electricity bills while keeping your living spaces and offices continuously lit with decorative Christmas lights. Browse through our range of products for your Christmas lights and more.